Inground Pool Opening
As spring and summer approach, it comes time to let our professional technicians at
Global Alliance Pools & Landscaping to open your pool properly to ensure that
everything is in working order so you can maximize the usage of your pool and
enjoy your backyard wonderland.
We offer 2 opening packages to make certain your family receives the service they
need at an affordable rate.
1. Silver Package:
· Pump out water and remove debris from the winter cover.
· Pressure wash cover and fold for storage provided by customer
· Remove all winterizing material
· Scrub waterline
· Reinstall pool fittings and deck equipment
· Reassemble pool filtration equipment
· Inspect all lines and equipment for leaks
· Shock the pool water
· Start filling the pool with customer’s garden hose
Customer will be responsible to starting pool equipment
2. Gold Package:
· Includes all services from Silver package plus:
· Vacuum Pool (up to 45mins.)
· Skim water surface
· Water balancing
· Start pool equipment and make sure everything is running properly
Gold package will require a second visit at no extra charge once the customer
has raised the water level