After buying a pool, many homeowners are constantly faced with issues related to the overall quality of the product they purchased. This often leads to a mountain of unintended bills for repairs or extensive cleaning. In most cases, services such as pool maintenance could easily save them from this dilemma.


Pool Openings


Any good care regime starts with yearly pool openings. Our pool openings are thoroughly conducted to ensure that the area is safe and clean. Inspections before, during and after the service ensure that nothing is missed. We start by going through a deep cleaning that gets to even the hardest to reach spaces. Afterwards, the filtration system is carefully checked. Global Alliance team members are trained to look for any damage or worn filters that might otherwise need to be replaced. We carry all related parts, so repairs or replacements are made as quickly as possible. If anything must be repaired offsite, we'll review our options with the homeowner and work out a dedicated plan for going forward.


Weekly Maintenance


During the season, it's vital to schedule weekly pool maintenance. The process usually entails a thorough cleaning as well as a quick inspection. This easy step keeps the area clean and free from any harmful items. We are always on the lookout for possible debris the filter may have missed. It's a major concern for homeowners that can lead to unexpected issues. Many people who skip regular maintenance will later report unwanted items ranging from harmless leaves to jagged pieces at various spots in the pool. As always, we use only the best cleaning products on the market. Each one is selected for their strength as well as their safety.


Pool Closings


Closings are one of the most overlooked services, but this step is easily one of the most important. Proper closing techniques and procedures help each unique pool stand up to the demands of storage as well as seasonal changes. Frozen water is a major issue that regularly comes up during winter months. The damage can be serious as cracks or breaks appear with each icy encounter. Our closing method makes sure this is not another problem for a homeowner during harsh weather.




Covers are a crucial detail that we look at during each opening and closing. A slight tear easily exposes the pool to a wide range of contaminants. One of the worst offenders is rainwater. Just a single storm leads to possible water contamination. More than one significant storm reaches levels that would require full drainage and refilling of the pool area. This is such an unnecessary expense that we try to avoid by helping homeowners watch out for the possible problems before they become serious. Whether the cover is automatically operated or manually placed on the surface, their importance should never be underestimated.


A Commitment To Excellence


The team at Global Alliance is always committed to finding the right maintenance solutions for each pool. We are always happy to make suggestions about how to care for your addition or recommendations about the best products for day to day management between weekly visits. Our commitment to the most up to date information and products means you will receive a higher level of expertise when it comes to everything pool related. From state of the art chemicals to the most popular pool toys, there is nothing that we cannot deliver or provide as service.


Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of owning a pool. It can mean the difference between years of quality use or unexpected misery. Global Alliance Pools and Landscaping understands the special details that go into every pool maintenance service. Give us a call today to see our dedication to excellence in action.