Pool shapes

pool shapes

 Every swimming pool offers a distinctive sense of style. Much of its charm comes from the diverse and appealing shapes that are at the heart of each design. For years, homeowners thought their only choice was standard rectangular pool shapes but the possibilities are endless. A wide range of shapes and sizes now give anyone the chance to make their pool become as special as the homes they complement.


Liberty and Odessy models are both excellent examples of abstract shapes that look fantastic in any setting. They are especially useful in areas where there is less space for elongated forms. The same can be said for the compact designs of Tampa as well as Taormina models. Adding outstanding landscaping  options to these choices only enhances their overall value. A water feature such as a cascading fountain will leave residents in awe as they watch water gracefully fall.


Reverse selections make it easier for any homeowner to accommodate their favorite swimming pool model. The Monaco-K and Monaco-K Reverse designs are favorites with many customers seeking a traditional plan. Their circular section seamlessly flows into a smoothly cornered square. Easily inverted placement as well as many available sizes allow a high level of customization that is necessary to create intricate features. Homeowners love adding their own touches to these plans. For instance, a clusters of rocks surrounding the outer rim or aquatic plants along the edge.


Anyone seeking conventional or classic looks will still be happy with Global Alliance's pool models. Full L and Patrician shapes showcase a fun spirit while keeping the main points of a straight design in tact. In the case of the Patrician, a delicate curve gently winds its way along the outer edge. This offers just a bit of modern refinement among a brilliantly simple structure.


Keep in mind that edging is different among some similarly named models. For example, the Roman-6IN RAD model has more defined curves that its neighbor the Roman-2FT RAD. Its shape avoids harsh curves in favor of softly textured outlines.


Size is one of the top concerns in choosing the right pool. Global Alliance carries many popular sizes as well as specialty sizes that work with uncommon shapes. Our system of correct measurements save time and money  that might otherwise be spent on  refitting during the installation process. Specialty orders can also be made to ensure the best possible fit for any space.


Our expert pool contractors understand what goes into the selection of an inground swimming pool. The right choice relies on factors including incline and surrounding space. Selecting a less than perfect design can mean years of headaches as well as countless repairs. A Global Alliance team member starts by listening to the goals of each homeowner and asses their desired style when offering suggestions. Each step is carefully coordinated to prevent surprises along the way.


At Global Alliance Pools & Landscaping we pride ourselves on putting the customer first. Call today and let us show you the benefits of new or revitalized swimming pool.